Great Service

is remembered long after
the price is forgotten.


Big Star Brokerage

• Our team is made up of logistics professionals with many years of experience
• Founded in 2012, we are proud to serve a dynamically developing customer base, through our wide network of trustworthy carriers across all regions of the US.
• We put our customers and carriers first. A standard which we feel is most important when creating our brand for the future.

Let us minimize your shipping costs so that your business can focus on what matters most.

We put your drivers at ease from the time they bump the dock, all the way through delivery.

Big Star Brokerage

At Big Star Brokerage, we fully understand that delegating the control and management of your transportation requirements demands an enormous degree of trust and we deeply respect the responsibility that is awarded to us.

Customer Relations:

• Quick, efficient, and competitive quotes for routes across all regions of the US
• Dedicated lanes and annual business opportunities
• Direct representative who will learn your business model and manage everyday expectations
• Available 24/7 for peace of mind

Carrier Relations:

• We hold carrier compliance and safety to the highest standard
• Work directly with dispatchers and drivers to make sure they have everything needed from pick up to delivery
• Relationship selling’ and getting to know our carriers’ routes and needs so we can work for them behind the scenes, to allocate freight and keep trucks moving • Every carrier, no matter the size – deserves the proper care and respect for running their trucks with us

Benefits of our Freight Brokerage


Accessible and responsive
customer service team




Expert issue management
and reliable dual-method communication


Qualified network of hundreds of trusted
carriers within national reach


Fast and accurate shipments
delivered on time


Support for a variety
of shipment modes


Timely in-transit tracking,
reporting and updates


Dependable shipment delivery

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