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Pricing is often forgotten, but great service is always remembered
Over a decade of experience combined with IN HOUSE drivers and assets gives us the edge in the volatile market
The traditional approach to freight and logistics is changing, we have adapted and continue to support our carriers

Benefits of our freight brokerage

Accessible and responsive customer service team
Industry-specific expertise
Expert issue management reliable dual-method communication
Qualified network of hundreds of trusted carriers within national reach
Fast and accurate shipments delivered on time
Support for a variety of shipment modes
Timely in-transit tracking, reporting and updates
Dependable shipment delivery confirmation

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Reviews & Testimonials

Professional attitude, prompt communication, I couldn’t ask more from a broker. Always courteous and efficient

Robert Dispatch – Condor Trans Inc.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Big Star Brokerage! Kinga is the best!

Sylwia Miedzinski – 4M Trucking Inc.

We have been working with Big Star Brokerage for quite some time now and only had good experience! Always excellent communication and very knowledgeable regarding their shippers / receivers.

Never any issues with payment which is always big factor for carriers.

PYH Express

Working with Big Star Brokerage is always a great experience. I have worked with Kinga a little under a year and I haven’t had one complaint. The whole team is very professional and handle everything with care. This company should be a leading example of brokerage and how everything should be done correctly.

Dennis Lyashko – Alynevych Inc.

I wanted to say thank you to Big Star Brokerage for a great time working together. We were doing business for almost 5 years, and I cannot say there was no issue. There were issues but everything was handled and resolved professionally and in a timely manner! Big Star Brokerage is still helping our business grow. I would like to keep this relationship for a long run. Highly recommend this company because the personnel are highly trained and motivated to perform best quality in their business. Appreciate all work we have done together!

OKM Trucking

We have been working with Big Star Brokerage for quite a while now, and we could not be happier. Big Star Brokerage has very professional and knowledgeable representatives as well as very fast dock people and competitive rates. Working with Kinga, it is always a pleasure. We’ve never had any problems with any of the loads thaw we booked with them. Always a good communication between broker and carrier. We highly recommend this company.

Robert – Miami of Canada Trans, Inc.